Why Bitcoin will hardly become a cryptocurrency for mass use?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which was launched in 2009, it is recognized that, to date, it is the most popular cryptocurrency, large and with the highest market capitalization, however, this trend is sure to change, because the world it requires a cryptocurrency of massive use.ultrapoint coin

Why Bitcoin will hardly become a cryptocurrency for mass use?

That possibility is scarce, for the following reasons:

  • The Bitcoin sending system is too slow:

Send Bitcoins is quite slow, operations can take hours and the network of miners receive a commission for shipments, then prioritizes those transactions that generate higher commissions, the others go to the waiting queue and there are multiple experiences where the confirmation of Shipments has been delayed several days. With that slowness, it is very difficult for Bitcoin to become a cryptocurrency of mass use, because it limits the immediate trade.

  • Shipping costs through Bitcoin are too high:

Sending money through Bitcoin has become too expensive, even higher compared to the traditional financial system, this is a huge obstacle to Bitcoin being used on a daily basis in all commercial operations.

  • Bitcoin’s monetary issue is insufficient to cover world demand:

Bitcoin has scheduled an issue of 21 million, this amount is insufficient to meet global demand, although the Bitcoins can be fractioned, the issuance is limited to pretend a massive use.

  • Bitcoin has never had the goal of becoming a massive cryptocurrency:

The vision of the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is to see the cryptocurrency as a scarce resource and therefore with high market value, an objective that is still being achieved, therefore, it has never had the vision of making Bitcoin a cryptocurrency for mass use.

  • Bitcoin is accepted in many shops, but with the objective of receiving an investment currency:

Many businesses accept Bitcoin in their operations, but they do it for the purpose of collecting this currency in order to keep it as an investment portfolio and wait for a price increase. A cryptocurrency of massive use, must be seen in addition to an investment as a means of exchange, just as traditional money works.

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is very difficult for Bitcoin to someday become a cryptocurrency of mass use and the truth is that the world needs one.

Which cryptocurrency has the potential to become the first one of massive use?

With total security it can be said that Ultrapoint (UPX), which has enormous advantages such as the following:

  • It has the fastest system for sending money:

Send money through Ultrapoint is immediate, just takes a few seconds, this because this system sends a block every 1 minute, while Bitcoin does it every 10 minutes, the weight of files in Ultrapoint is variable and can exceed 10 MB , while in Bitcoin the weight is 1 MB.

  • Ultrapoint has the lowest money transfer costs in the market:

Sending money through the cryptocurrency Ultrapoint is very cheap, just pennies per transaction and this policy will be maintained in the long term, this advantage facilitates global trade, because it is really easy, fast and cheap to make transactions with Ultrapoint.

  • Ultrapoint’s monetary issue is enough to cover the world demand:

Ultrapoint has programmed a monetary issue of 18 billion Ultrapoints, enough to cover the world demand and achieve massive use.

  • Ultrapoint has always been thought of as a cryptocurrency for practical and globalized use:

The objective of the developers of the Ultrapoint cryptocurrency has always been to make this system, the first cryptocurrency for practical, massive and daily use in people’s lives in order to penetrate all commercial activities.

  • Ultrapoint fulfills the double function of investment and means of effective exchange:

Ultrapoint’s purpose is twofold, obviously serving as an investment strategy, because its price will rise exponentially, but it also maintains the vision of becoming a practical means of exchange for all world trade.

With all the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that Ultrapoint (UPX) will become the first cryptocurrency for mass use and will surely reach the world leadership.

Where to invest in Ultrapoint cryptocurrency?

This is the perfect place to invest any amount of money in the cryptocurrency Ultrapoint, here you will receive a great technical and financial advice.

You can make your queries in the live chat or write to the email: info@ultrapoint.net

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